Lauri W – 5 Star yelp review

5.0 star rating


Wish there were 6 stars! I wish I had known about Neville and his abilities to engrave Just About Anything, years ago.
Here are some​ of the things that Neville has engraved for me, for my friends and family, this past year:​
Musical instruments, a steering wheel cover, lipstick tube holder, the soles of my wedding shoes, and things “The dog that has everything,” my sunglasses and case, our headboard, my glass jewelry box, my girlfriends “90 day “recovery chip”,
It’s almost been a challenge, finding something that Neville cannot engrave. Another cool thing is that he did most of these things at the last minute because I had called so many places and was trying to make a “common place” gift feel like I had not thought of it at the last minute.